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Light Up Letters

Lots of people rent out light up letters, and we were one of the very first companies to do so. The thing which sets ours apart is that whereas you are normally prevented by a plug socket, constrained by a cable or hampered by Health & Safety, Doris Loves light up letters are battery powered, so no plugs, no cables, no Health and Safety nightmares. The batteries are rechargeable, last 40 hours of continuous use and have been used on beaches, castle ruins, in the middle of fields surrounded by sheep or even in a Royal Palace.

The letters are hand made by Team Doris Loves using sustainable wood, efficient LEDs, and powered by rechargeable batteries and have no trip hazards like power cords. They are surprisingly light, so you can move them around the venue, hold them for photos and even have them hanging from trees (let us know if you want to do this though, so we can make sure they have the appropriate mountings on them!). With two different light settings (constant or chase) you can take great photos and then cause a sensation on the dance floor.

We have all the letters in the alphabet, amounting to over 150 letters, numbers and symbols and can spell anything. The longest word we have spelt so far… SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS

Light Up Letters FAQ

Light Up Letters Hire Prices

For hand delivery/collection & setup or collection from Doris Loves HQ, please contact us.

Any 2 x 4 ft letters
Any 3 x 4 ft letters
Any 4 x 4 ft letters
Any 5 x 4 ft letters
Each additional letter
Up to, and including, 8 letters. Any request above this, please contact us for a quote.
Love Neon Letters

Neon Lights

Welcome to Doris Loves NEON love letters or what we affectionately know as our LOVE BOX.


Hire prices from £200 (up to 25 miles from GU10 1DY – Contact us for mileage above this)

Neon Lights Hire Price

up to 25 miles from GU10 1DY - POA for above 45 miles

Tattoo Station

Have you ever seen, anything like our unique tattoo station? No! Neither had we!

Our awesome Temporary Tattoo Station is just what your event needs!

Our Tattoos are just like the ones you had as a kid, fun, colourful, quirky and they will entertain guests, young and old! Guests with no tattoos will be covered in them by the end of the party – tattoo sleeves are a must! And tattooed guests will be surprised at how real they look! They are certainly a lot less painful, less time consuming and no tattoo regret the next morning! This way you could have a different tattoo every day! Now that’s a WIN WIN in our book!

We currently have 200 designs (including Christmas and Halloween themed) that team Doris Loves created.

We also offer a custom tattoo design service for any type of event. We have cartoonised couples faces, drawn pictures of pets, created cats in flower crowns, designed dogs in space suits, company logos, football world cup themed and song lyrics.  Please contact us to discuss your ideas – Team DL includes a graphic designer, so anything is possible!

Temporary Tattoos FAQ
Customised Temp Tattoo Booth

Tattoo Station Hire – From £250

  • 150 Temporary Tattoos of your choice from DL range
  • 2 “Tattooists” to tattoo your guests
  • 2 hour session for tattooing

Optional Extras

  • Custom Tattoos
  • Extra Tattoos from DL range
  • Extra hours of tattooing
  • More Tattooists to tattoo your guests

Don’t want to see our lovely faces at your event or party? Buy a DIY tattoo station in a box instead!

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